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Please note: New offer of classical ballet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, see schedule

The new season starts in week 36 (first lesson on Monday September 4, 2023) and lasts until week 28 2024 (last lesson on Friday July 5, 2024)

Bernadet Schouten is known in Maastricht for her superior ballet-classes and unique work-outs for over 40 years by now. She is the founder of Ballet & Dans Workout and its milder version Stretches & Exercises, two exceptionally effective and inspiring complete body work-outs based on both fitness and dance-techniques.

Jardin de la Danse offers ballet classes and complete body work outs for people from the age of 16 and older. Many people who are in their fourties, fifties, sixties and even seventies weekly still join our classes because of the simple fact that once they tried a class many years ago, they never left! Jardin de la Danse is a small niche balletschool with a non-commercial, personal feel to which extra meaning was added from the moment Bernadets daughter Anne Bakker joined Jardin de la Danse as a ballet- and workout teacher.



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